Water Quality Assessment Authority

Government of India


I. To exercise powers under Section 5 of Environment (Protection) Act 1986 for issuing direction and for taking measures with respect to following matters:

     a. Carrying out and sponsoring investigations and research relating to problems of water pollution;

     b. Promoting accreditation of water quality testing laboratories and institutes to carry out the functions entrusted to such laboratories and institutes under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986;

     c. Collection and dissemination of information in respect of matters relating to surface and ground water pollution;

     d. Preparation of manuals, codes or guides relating to the prevention, control and abatement of water pollution.

II. To direct the agencies (Government / local bodies / Non-governmental) for the following:

     a. To standardize method(s) for water quality monitoring and to ensure quality of data generation for utilization thereof;

     b. To take measures so as to ensure proper treatment of waste water with a view to restoring the water quality of the river / water bodies to meet the designated-best-uses;

     c. To take up research and development activities in the area of water quality management;

     d. To promote recycling / re-use of treated sewage / trade effluent for irrigation in development of agriculture;

     e. To promote recycling / re-use of treated sewage / trade effluent for irrigation in development of agriculture;

     f. To draw scheme(s) for imposition of restriction in water abstraction of treated sewage / trade effluent on land, rivers and other water bodies with a view to mitigating crisis of water quality;

     g. To maintain minimum discharge for sustenance of aquatic life forms in riverine system;

     h. To utilize self-assimilation capacities at the critical river stretches to minimise cost of effluent treatment;

     i. To provide information to pollution control authorities to facilitate allocation of waste load;

     j. To review the status of quality of national water resources (both surface water & ground water) (except that due to geogenic aspect) and identify "Hot Spots" for taking necessary actions for improvement in water quality;

     k. To interact with the authorities / committees constituted or to be constituted under the provisions o the said Act for matters relating to management of water resources;

     l. To constitute / set up State-level Water Quality Review Committee (WQRC) to coordinate the work to be assigned to such committees; and

     m. To deal with any environmental issue concerning surface and groundwater quality (except that due to geogenic aspect) which may be referred to it by the Central Government or the State Government relating to the respective areas, for maintenance and / or restoration of quality to sustain designated best uses.